Have you noticed something different about your water lately? Is it anything but fresh and clear like it should be? Here at Godwin, we’ve seen a lot of common water problems and have one simple solution on how to fix them.

My water seems cloudy.

Did you know that the amount of dissolved solids in your water can make water cloudy? Cloudy water can also be a sign of high turbidity, meaning that your water can have small undissolved solids in it such as sand. This can occur when there are land disturbances in your area like a storm or construction, but can also happen naturally over time as well. Air in water also can make the water cloudy. No matter what, cloudy water should be tested so it can be fixed.

I’ve been noticing a lot of lime scale on my shower heads and faucets.

Lime scale occurs when there is an excess of calcium and magnesium in your water, causing what is known as ‘hard water’. Overtime, hard water can damage pipes in your home. Hard water should be tested to see what the right solution might be for you and your home.

My water has a bit of a weird smell.

Weird smells are a sign that maybe hydrogen sulfide, or sulfates, might be in your water supply. Weird smells might also be originating from chlorine.  Getting your water tested can find the source of these smells and your water treatment specialist can suggest a solution.

Did you know that Godwin offers basic testing of your water for free? We test for water hardness, iron levels, total dissolved solids, and pH at no cost to you. If your water requires further testing for lead, copper, E.coli, or PFAs, we partner with EPA certified labs and notify you of any further costs associated with the testing. No matter what’s going on with your water, Godwin’s got it.