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Iron filters

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Chemical-Free Iron and Sulfur Systems

Control the iron and sulfur in your home with the SmartChoice Eradicator, the chemical-free solution for your toughest well water problems.

From rust stains in your sinks, to an unpleasant odor when you turn on the tap, your water problems can even damage your fixtures and pipes and discolor your laundry.

The SmartChoice Eradicator is a proven technology from Aqua Systems to solve your problem water without harsh chemicals.

The SmartChoice Eradicator will:

  • Stop iron stains
  • Protect plumbing, fixtures, appliances and clothing
  • Eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaners in showers, sinks, toilets and appliances
  • Protect your water softener from iron build up
  • Use air induction filtration to remove the sulfur and produce clean, odor-free water
  • Protect pipes from black oxidation caused by sulfur water
  • Eliminate the need for traditional chlorine feed treatment systems

Iron staining is a major concern for customers throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Several of our Aqua Systems products, including the Eradicator Iron Filter and the Eradicator Gen O3 Ozone filter, are specifically designed to minimize iron bacteria.

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The Godwin water treatment team is ready to help you keep up with your water demands, with services tailored to your needs.

Water Testing

Contact us today for a free water treatment consultation and on-the-spot water testing to determine which water treatment product and service is best for your needs. We will never pressure you for a sale; we'll lay out the best options for accomplishing your water-quality goals. When and if you're ready, we'll install your system - or provide free, extensive advice for installing it on your own!

We can test for many different water conditions, including hardness, pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), iron and more. You can either bring in a sample or schedule an appointment for our certified water specialist to come to you. There is no cost or obligation for this service. Once we’ve identified your water conditions, we will work to rectify any problems. We also offer more extensive testing by national testing companies WaterCheck and Prine & Newhof – costs are determined by the number of contaminates tested.

Water Filtration Equipment Maintenance & Services

Find the best water filtration systems in Grand Rapids at Godwin Plumbing. Water filtration systems are a great way to provide your family or employees with fresh, clean, pure water. However, these systems require regular maintenance to prevent contamination. We are well-versed in repairing, maintaining and servicing a diverse range of water filtration systems and equipment. We offer custom, on-the-spot maintenance diagnosis and work. Furthermore, we offer scheduled preventive maintenance programs tailor-made for your home or office filtration system.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We offer rapid response services for all your water treatment repair and maintenance needs. Our team of dedicated professionals is available 24/7, 365 days every year, to keep your system on track. Set us on speed dial, and give us a call any time, any day!

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