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I had Godwin install a water softener, reverse osmosis filter, and a gas water heater (converting from electric). Joel Mervau was able to complete all the work in a day.

Jason Rutter

Water Treatment Common Questions

What is the cost of a water softener?

Godwin offers units starting around $699, but costs can vary greatly. The hardness of your water and your water usage greatly influence the choice of a softener for your application. We offer free quotes based on an analysis of your situation. Keep in mind that water softeners save homeowners money by preventing scale build-up and extending the life of any appliances that use water, as well as reducing the costs of cleaning products used throughout the home.

What is the cost of a reverse osmosis drinking system?

Our Aqua Systems Pure Choice Reverse Osmosis Systems, which improve the quality of your drinking water, ice cubes, and plant and pet water, start at $599.

What can you test my water for – and how much does it cost?

We can test for many different water conditions, including hardness, pH, TDS (total dissolved solids), iron and more. You can either bring in a sample or schedule an appointment with our certified water specialist to come to you. There is no cost or obligation for this service. Once we’ve identified your water conditions, we will work to rectify any problems. We also offer more extensive testing by national testing companies WaterCheck and Prine & Newhof – costs are determined by the number of contaminates tested.

What types of filters do you offer?

We carry a wide variety of filters of different sizes as well as filters that will fit into most reverse osmosis systems. Examples include pleated cellulose, carbon block, granular-activated carbon and more. These filters can remove sediment and chlorine taste/odor, balance pH levels and remove other unwanted contaminants.

Can you service my water softener?

Our certified service technicians can troubleshoot and fix problems with your water softening system. We offer on-the-spot repair of control valves, servicing of pipes and even rebedding og softeners once the media is no longer usable. Set up an appointment today!

Can you take the rust out of my water?

Iron staining is a major concern for customers throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Several of our Aqua Systems products, including the Eradicator Iron Filter and Eradicator Gen O3 Ozone filter, are specifically designed to minimize iron bacteria.

Can you take the smell out of my water?

There are a few different culprits when it comes to foul-smelling water. We can help eliminate unpleasant odors that result from chlorine, iron bacteria, hydrogen sulfide or other unwanted contaminants.

Do you have salt-less water softeners?

We choose not to sell salt-less “water softeners” as a matter of principle –  they are ineffective and are not a wise investment for our customers. Our softeners work on an ion-exchange concept, meaning the hardness ions in the water bind to the softener resin and are later washed out during the regeneration cycle using a brine solution.

Can you install a softener I didn’t buy from Godwin?

Yes, we will install water softeners that you have purchased elsewhere, or you have brought with you from a different residence. Just call us to set up an appointment.

Do you deliver salt?

Yes, Godwin offers a salt delivery service for the convenience of our customers. We have both regular 99% dirt-free salt and salt with an iron-out resin cleaner mixed in.

How much sodium is in soft water?

Water softeners add roughly 30mg of sodium to each gallon of water for each grain of hardness that is removed. This may be a problem for people with dietary sodium restrictions. You can use potassium chloride in lieu of the standard sodium chloride. Another option is to add a reverse osmosis drinking system to remove sodium as well as other contaminants that may be in your water.

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