Looking to change up your home during the New Year? Godwin is here to tell you what new trends are on the scene so you can apply them to your space. First on the list: your kitchen!

Tiled Walls

Tile is every cook’s best friend, but it doesn’t have to stick just to your backsplash! Easy to clean and effortlessly stylish, tile can be used to cover entire walls in your kitchen. We recommend looking for larger tiles to finish the job. A minimalist at heart? Try white subway tiles with dark grout to complete your black and white decor. Feeling a little more bold? Look for patterned tile to make a stand-out display.


Functional, but Sleek Organization
2020 saw the rise in open shelving, but you don’t have to stop there when trying to make your organization a part of your decor. Try hanging your pots on hooks or on a hanging cookware rack, revive the hanging spice rack on your wall, or find a place to display your cookbooks.


Dark Paint and Stain
Ditch the white paint of the past and try a moodier color palette in 2021. Dark greens, navy blues, and blacks are going to make a resurgence in your kitchen. Try a monochromatic look by matching your cabinet color to your walls, pairing them with light-colored countertops.


Walk-in Pantries
Do you need more space in your kitchen? Try adding the walk-in pantry of your dreams! Though a hefty investment, it greatly increases the amount of space you have for food and the resale value of your home in the future.


Go for Gold
Gold continues to be making its presence known in the world of home decor, and your kitchen is no exception. Try using gold knobs and door pulls for a subtle accent. Want to make a bolder choice? Try a gold sink and faucet! Not sure what choice is right for you? It might be time to talk to our experts at the Design Center. They can help you pick out the perfect finish for your kitchen that will last far past 2021.