Looking to change up your home during the New Year? Godwin has been here to tell you what new trends are on the scene and how you can apply them to your kitchen and bathroom. Last on our list: the color trends you’ll be seeing in 2021!


Hop on the Pantone Bandwagon
Purveyor of color trends, Pantone always releases their ‘color of the year’ and this year they graced us with two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a bright yellow). Their reasoning behind the pairing? The gray acts as an anchor, while the yellow symbolizes the hope of what’s to come. Adding variations on these shades to your home might send you the same message as you move forward into the new year.


Burgundy & Wine
Deep reds can be both a bold and a soothing choice at the same time. Drawing back to classical times, these romantic shades can either be the focal point of your space or stay in the background to let other bold colors shine. We recommend pairing it with rich wood tones and dark blues. 


Subtle Variations of Cream
We haven’t seen a lot of white walls in the new year and we can’t say that we mind! Instead of going with the standard cream, try a couple shades of it. We’ve been seeing soft apricot shades (a hint of pink, but not too overwhelming) and light walnut hues (just a touch of brown to add tonality). You don’t have to pick dramatic colors to make a dramatic change in your space.


Teal, teal, teal.
2020 was the year of Navy Blue. This year, teal is making its way to the foreground. From light, muted shades that live on your walls to bright hues that act as an accent, teal can be used in every room of your home.


Vintage Greens
We are suckers for the color green. Not only does it symbolize growth, but the right tone can bring back nostalgic memories for many of us. Not sure what tone to pick out? A deep green will anchor any space and creates a warm, comforting atmosphere. Lighter seafoam greens pair well with other light shades like cream and apricot, making them a perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Don’t want to go that dark or light? Try picking something in the middle like emerald green to use as an accent shade (it pairs great with other jewel tones!)


Need help picking out the right colors for your home? Stop into our design center and talk to one of our design experts. They can help you pick out the right hues before you stop into our hardware store to pick out your paints and supplies.