Looking to change up your home during the New Year? Godwin is here to tell you what new trends are on the scene and how you can apply them to your space. Next up on our list: the bathroom!

Tiled Walls Everywhere!
We mentioned fully tiled walls in our trends assessment for your kitchen, but they can be used in your bathroom, too! Fully tiled showers are all the rage because of their sleek design. Our tip? The bigger the tile, the better! Installing larger format tiles now means less grout to clean later.



Floating Vanities
Hoverboards and hovering vanities are the way of the future (but only one of those is available to your right now!). Floating vanities look contemporary and they make it easy to clean your floors underneath.


Soaking Tubs
Let your aching back relax after a long day working from home. People are prioritizing putting tubs back in their bathrooms and we think you should, too. Looking for a more modern look? Try a flat-bottom one. Want to add a vintage feel? Try a clawfoot tub (just like the one your grandparents might have once had)!


Smart Technology
New technology has made its way into your bathroom! Bidets and smart toilets keep germs at bay with features like self-closing lids and touch-free flushing. Heating flooring also keeps your toes warm even during the winters of snowy Michigan.


Statement Lighting
Beautiful sconces and chandeliers don’t have to stay just in your bedroom – put them in your bathroom! Back-lit mirrors and medicine cabinets can also modernize your space by becoming the focal point above your vanity.



Creating a Separate Laundry Room
No longer does your bathroom have to also be the place where you keep your washer and dryer. Denote a separate space for them! Take an unused room in your home and dedicate it to your laundry with a farmhouse sink and proper shelving. Making the space where you do your laundry more inviting will invite you to do it more often!