A good coat of paint does more than just lend your room some color and atmosphere. It changes the way you feel and the way you look at the world. That’s why Godwin is proud to now offer an extensive selection of the highest quality Pratt & Lambert paint products.

Pratt & Lambert is a favorite choice for designers, architects, and professional painters and their selections this year are definitely worth a look. If you’re a homeowner thinking about making a change and venturing into a new color, consider one of the following color pallets featured by Pratt & Lambert for their 2019 color forecast, or the official Pratt & Lambert 2019 color of the year!  (Just remember that the colors displayed may vary slightly from monitor to monitor).

The 2019 Color of the year is: Ginger Scent (336D)

According to Pratt & Lambert: “[Ginger Scent] is a calming, elegant soft terracotta, yet when combined with delicate neutrals, it has a second personality reminiscent of sherbet. Then it becomes fun and vibrant and can be combined with bold colors, patterns and shapes in every room in the house.”

Why we like it: There aren’t a lot of colors out there like this one! It’s bright without being overpowering, neutral without being boring, and has a bit of retro flavor that doesn’t tired or worn out in the slightest!

Color Pallet #1 – ACCELLERATE

Why we like it: This selection is all about fun and creativity, and features strong primary colors paired with grounded classic neutrals and natural tones. This guarantees a strong visual impact, with the featured colors coming out even stronger without too much noise getting in the way. 

Color Pallet #2 – RADIATE

Why we like it: This is how you color! The bright tones sing out clear and beautiful, lending any room positive energy. The perfect arrangement for any beach house, cottage, or modern kitchen, Radiate has a liveliness that touches some modern, digital-age tones as well.

Color Pallet #3 – Preserve

Why We Like It: This set is all about nature and calm, and offers the perfect pairing for simple, rustic furnishings including raw or reclaimed wood, stone accents, or tilework. Preserve is a softer and perhaps more sophisticated pallet than the others but still offers verdant color options in red, blue, and green.

Color Pallet #4 – Fulfill

Why We Like It: This one has heart. Fulfill is cheerful and confident, cozy and fun, and all around lovely in the best way. Its floral tones work together, touching on royal spender and mixing it with pastel playfulness to create a set that is truly delightful. An ideal choice for any bedroom with the windows open to catch the sunlight.

Want to see for yourself? Godwin offers all these colors and more, along with an extensive selection of painting supplies for all your needs. Stop by and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions, provide color samples, and give you the right tools to transform your space with the perfect Pratt & Lambert Paint color for your space!