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Working on very old plumbing is always a challenge; knowing the guys at Godwin will help you conquer those dreadful repairs is a good thing to fall back on.

Jack Holtvluwer

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Quality products. Reasonable Prices. Local pride.

We’ve lasted for 60 years because we put our customers first. We’re not beholden to stockholders or far-off owners. Our focus is on you.

We stand behind our products. If something isn’t right, we'll make it right. We offer competitive prices and deliver more added value than anybody else, through service and expertise you won’t get anywhere else. We will never pressure you into a sale or recommend anything more than you really need. So you can shop Godwin Hardware with confidence  and absolute peace of mind.

Plus, when you shop Godwin Hardware, you’re keeping your money right here in our community.  It enables us to support 160 or so of your neighbors, pay local taxes, give to area charities and contribute to a stronger, more self-sufficient Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

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