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Tom Stradinger

For the DIY plumber...there is no better place to go than the "plumbing counter" at Godwin Hardware. Lot of knowledge behind that counter.

Thomas Frye

Working on very old plumbing is always a challenge; knowing the guys at Godwin will help you conquer those dreadful repairs is a good thing to fall back on.

Jack Holtvluwer

(You) went out of the way to help me out of a jam with some pipe. It’s hard to find service like that, and you have gained a new customer for sure.

Chris Key

Thank you for the great service! Thank you for the incomparable quality! And, finally, thank you for making your customers feel like they matter!


I was impressed with (the) knowledge and willingness to help. I have a new place of preferred service, even though it’s a half-hour away from home.

Tim Jasperse

One employee asked what I was looking for (and) walked me to the item I needed. Within minutes, I was in and out of the store with everything I came in for.

Kim Kooy

You are our first choice in hardware and more. Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful. We’ve been in West Michigan since 1978, and have been a fan of yours since then.

Marcia & Mike Olinger

(They) were here on time and helpful in showing the operation of a new garage door opener. (They) also replaced the garage door.

Shelly Binder

I attended a Plumbing Repair seminar at the store, (then) purchased parts to repair my outside faucets and discussed the process with the plumber who sold me the parts.

Laurie Wilson

I went (to buy) a replacement valve for a tub/shower faucet handle. The counter guy knew exactly what I needed, and gave me a choice of replacement parts.

Jim Vantine

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