Did you know that your local West Michigan Godwin store now has countertops? We’ve set aside more than 2,600 square feet to highlight some of the latest and greatest products from the world’s best kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and are ready to help you transform your home today!

But as you explore your options you’ll need to understand the different materials available as well as their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. And when it comes to countertops that means deciding between granite, quartz, or other options. 


What it is: 100% all natural stone. Granite countertops are cut to shape, polished, sealed, and installed in your home.

Appearance: Because granite is natural, each piece will be totally unique with a different pattern and color variations depending on the exact mineral composition of the piece. This gives granite an unmistakable sense of timelessness and character.

Durability: Granite is heat resistant and is one of the hardest naturally occurring materials in the world. But it can be stained if certain liquids sit on it too long—especially if you don’t keep it sealed with yearly treatments.


What it is: Quartz countertops are a manufactured product that consists of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% food-safe resin. This stone and resin mixture form an engineered material that is strong, durable, and beautiful. 

Appearance: Because quartz is man-made, it comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from. Some examples may show coarser patterns, while others may be extremely fine or made to mimic natural materials like marble or granite.

Durability: Quartz is non-porous, which means no sealing maintenance required and it’s much less prone to staining or discoloration than granite. Quartz is even tougher than granite, but it is a bit more susceptible to damage from high heat, so always use pot holders.

Other options?

Have you considered an one of a kind engineered concrete countertop in your kitchen? Your home should always suit your style, so visit your local Godwin store for great material options and design services. Our team would love to help you highlight your home’s natural beauty and bring your dream kitchen to life!