Godwin Hardware is here to help with monthly DIY projects! Each month, we’ll feature a new DIY project that you can create using products from our hardware store. Our first project will help you organize your favorite cozy, fall essential: blankets! Our DIY Hanging Ladder takes your blankets off the floor and onto your wall in a clean and stylish way!

Make it yourself by following these simple steps below.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 3 Wooden Dowels
  • Sandpaper
  • Rope
  • 2 Screw Hooks
  • Ruler
  • Circular Saw
  • Impact Driver with large drill bit


1. Begin by cutting your wooden dowels down to be 12” long. You can achieve this by using a circular saw or a very sharp knife. Please use power tools and sharp objects with care and at your own risk!


2. Sand down both ends so they are smooth.


3. Drill a large hole in each end of your dowels using your power drill with a large drill bit attachment.

4. Sand down your holes and any marks left on dowels.

5. Optional: Stain your dowels to a desired color. We chose to leave ours clean to match the décor of the house!

6. Cut two pieces of rope that are 45” long.


7. Fray the ends of your rope and tie a knot 5 inches up from the bottom. Try to make sure the knots are at similar places on the rope. Put pieces of rope through holes on both sides of one dowel.

8. Tie a knot 12 inches up from previous knot. Put pieces of rope through holes on both sides of second dowel. 

9. Repeat step 8 with third dowel.

10. Find a place for hanging ladder to be in your house. Hold ladder up to find desired height. Put a screw hook in at desired height. Put in second hook at same height approximately 12” away.

11. Tie knots around hooks to hang ladder.

12. Put blankets on and enjoy!