Have you ever wanted to make something, but didn’t know where to begin? That’s where we come in. Godwin Hardware is here to help with #DIYFridays! Each month, we’ll feature a new DIY project completed using products from our hardware store so you can complete it, too.

Up next is a modern take your classic shelf, using items you can find in our hardware section! This Black Pipe Shelf is both sturdy and chic, adding an industrial touch to your home. Bonus: it only requires five supplies!


  • A 2’ by 4’ plank cut to desired length of shelf
  • Gel Stain
  • Two Floor Flanges
  • Two Galvanized Pipes
  • Screws
  • A Level
  • Sandpaper

1. Begin by taking your plank and sanding down any rough edges or sides. This will help your stain attach to the board.

2. Next, take your gel stain, put it on an old rag, and smooth it over the surface of your plank. Try and apply it as evenly as possible. After a couple minutes, wipe off the stain.

3. Screw your galvanized pipes into your floor flanges.

4. Now it’s time to hang it! Go into the space your wish to hang the shelf and, holding your shelf up to the wall, decide how high you wish to hang it. After making sure your shelf it level while holding it up, measure (or eyeball if you like living on the ‘wild side’ like we do) approximately 6 inches in from each side. This is where you will hang your flanges and pipes.

5. Screw your flanges into the wall at these points, again making sure they are level with each other.

6. Put your shelf on top of the flanges and decorate!