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For the DIY plumber...there is no better place to go than the "plumbing counter" at Godwin Hardware. Lot of knowledge behind that counter.

Thomas Frye

In one stop, (they) spent a lot of time helping me to get my shower faucet project going, (then) came out the next day with an estimate for the garage door.

Jeff Koffler

Dave Van Dyken showed up on time, inspected the leaking toilet, adjusted bands around pipes and cleaned up after himself.

Diane Wiersma

They don’t just tell you where the product is, but will stop whatever they are doing and take you to that location and make sure it’s what you are looking for.

Robert C.

The last guys I called caused a backup. Edwin Miranda identified the underlying problem and cleared tree roots from my drain line.

Allison Down

Randy Allers, Godwin’s representative for the project, guided us through a spectrum of systems tailored to our needs and to various budget levels. Based on his knowledge and our requirements a terrific solution emerged.

Peter Beck

(Godwin’s) guidance in choosing bathroom fixtures at the right price point has been spot on. (They delivered) everything for us within our time frame.

Michael & Mary Ann Minton

Mike Robinson assessed and finished the job in the time he estimated. He also told us what needed to be done in a way we could understand.

John Gibbons

Randy Allers was not pushy and was knowledgeable about the equipment. I was also impressed with the fact that he removed his shoes.

Denise Oudman

Brian Vance replaced the wax ring on a toilet and replaced a corroded valve, sink basket and kitchen faucet. He completed everything professionally and efficiently.

Sharon Flink

I’m an architect and I cannot recommend Godwin enough: they listen (a crucial virtue), they respond, and they perform. We know have a state of the art HVAC system installed seemlessly.

Peter Beck

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