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For the DIY plumber...there is no better place to go than the "plumbing counter" at Godwin Hardware. Lot of knowledge behind that counter.

Thomas Frye

We recently had Mark VanderWal out to install a SmartChoice Water Conditioning system in our home. Mark was great to work with for both the assessment and later for the install!

Jenison Homeowner 

(They) were here on time and helpful in showing the operation of a new garage door opener. (They) also replaced the garage door.

Shelly Binder

We needed a new water heater, and it was in our driveway within 30 minutes. The entire thing took only a few hours.

John Bolt

We needed a new furnace and your service team went the extra mile. Godwin has always been a professional and classy organization. Well done. 

Christian Veenstra

I attended a Plumbing Repair seminar at the store, (then) purchased parts to repair my outside faucets and discussed the process with the plumber who sold me the parts.

Laurie Wilson

I do most of the work myself, if I can, but I cannot do plumbing. I call Godwin (because) they are honest and fair.

George Tafelski

Kathy, Randy, Lenny & Ethan were are so wonderful to work with! This is where I go and will go for all my Heating & Cooling needs.

Rachel Venlet

I went (to buy) a replacement valve for a tub/shower faucet handle. The counter guy knew exactly what I needed, and gave me a choice of replacement parts.

Jim Vantine

I wish I had called Godwin first! We had a competitor out twice and we still had problems. Ken Ferner had it figured out – and fixed! – with half-an-hour, and at a lower price.

Jackie Westerhof

Thank you to Matt, Tim & Tyler for the great work on my boiler install. It is clear they know what they are doing and know the product they installed. The work they did met all my expectations and they were all pleasant, kind and very patient with my through the whole process. 

Dawn Berenyi 

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