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I wish I had called Godwin first! We had a competitor out twice and we still had problems. Ken Ferner had it figured out – and fixed! – with half-an-hour, and at a lower price.

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Community Involvement

Godwin gives back.

Grand Rapids and West Michigan have supported our business for 60 years, so we feel a responsibility to give back to the community. We do so in many ways – including financial contributions, material donations and volunteering. Over the years, we’ve sponsored and supported organizations in and around West Michigan as well as organziations around the world!


Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center

The Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center is located in Haiti and it's mission is to empower and enable the indigenious church in Haiti through discipleship, job creation, and self sustainability. Changing Haiti from the inside out, replacing the dependency on man, to total dependence on God. 

This organization is special to us here at Godwin, as one of our employees plays are large role in the on going leadership of this organziation. He takes many trips to Haiti each year to help this organziation be successful and to help the people of Haiti.

One area that he helps them with specifically is the Haitian Harvest Initivative. This initiative exists for 3 reasons.

1. To enable the ministry of EDTC to be self sustainable and not
dependent on donations to fulfill the ministry of discipleship, missionarytraining, and church planting in Haiti as well as the partnership ministrywith Tony Jones in Grand Goave which has the same purpose in the neighboringregion to Ti Goave where EDTC is located.

2. To reverse the trend of the Haitian people of dependance on foreign
aid by using the gifts, talents, and natural provisions God has given theHaitian people by creating a demand for the products made and grown inHaiti. This will allow the Haitian people to export their goods, providefor their families, and create jobs as demand for these products increase.

3. Cultivate fertile soil for the gospel in the communities where we are
working by earning the trust of the people. As this trust grows our
indigenous missionaries will be received well and be able to share the good
news of Jesus Christ and allow them to see how God has provided not just for
their physical needs, but for their eternal need for a savior.

Blue Bean Coffee is one of the goods that is a part of the Haitian Harvest. This delicious coffee is sold at Godwin Hardware but can also be purchased online here. 


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