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Humidity Levels in Your Home


Properly maintained heating and cooling systems are extremely important when it comes to keeping your home safe and comfortable, but temperature isn’t the only factor to consider. Humidity levels are often harder to evaluate but play their own role in protecting you and your possessions.

If your humidity levels are too high (over 50%) or too low (under 30%) it can cause some serious issues. 

Too Much Moisture

When humidity levels are too high, often due to warm summer or spring air, it can lead to a damp or sticky-feeling space, spreading mold, and damaged drywall. Mold growth is especially worrying as mold spores are toxic and become physically damaging over time. They can also trigger severe or persistent allergic reactions in many people.

Modern air conditioners are a great way to combat this problem, as they automatically treat and dehumidify your air as part of their normal operation. Or, if you have certain spaces that are still too humid or it isn’t the right time to run your air conditioning, you can set up a separate dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air and help with the problem.

Too Little Moisture

Dry air can, unfortunately, be just as unhealthy as wet air. When you spend too long in dry air, it will tend to dry out and irritate your sinuses and skin. This can leave you more vulnerable to colds or other infections and can even cause skin cracking and eczema. Dry air is also a recipe for static buildup and can weaken fabrics, paper, and even plastic over time, leaving them discolored and brittle.

If you’re dealing with dry air in your home, whether due to seasonal shifts or some other factor, you should set up a humidifier system to inject steam to your air and improve your overall air quality. 

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Concerned about the humidity and air quality in your home or other space? Your local Godwin store has a wide selection of whole house or area humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help improve your indoor air quality and comfort. Stop by, and one of our team members would be happy to listen to you and help you decide on a real working solution. 

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