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Keep Your Drains Moving with Santeen Drain Opener!

August 2, 2019

Slow drains and blockages in your plumbing are a pain, and plunging day in and day out won’t really solve the issue. Instead, you need a product that will quickly, completely, and totally burn out the blockage and get your drains moving the way they are meant to. 

For that, you need Santeen S-T Liquid Drain Opener, available from your local Godwin store.

What is it?

Santeen S-T Liquid Drain Opener is a unique formulation of 93% concentrated sulfuric acid, the same acid used in industrial settings to strip raw iron and steel of impurities. It’s powerful and it works. But this particular unclogger formulation is designed to be safer and slower reacting with a lower overall reaction temperature, allowing it to eat away at blockages at a slightly slower and more controlled (and effective) rate.

What does it do?

This drain opener product is designed to quickly dissolve any and all organic blockages in your pipes, including paper, grease, hair, bone scraps, coffee grounds, plant and fruit rinds, and soap. And it works fast, liquefying most materials in a matter of seconds—minutes at worst. 

This reaction is so strong that at the point of the chemical reaction, where the drain opener is in close contact with a clog, the temperature can rise to as high as 220 degrees Fahrenheit, literally burning a hole through the blockage so your drains flow again. This also means that you can use the product to thaw frozen drains in freezing conditions.

Is it safe to use?

As with all drain opener products, Santeen S-T Liquid Drain Opener should be handled with extreme care. Be sure to closely follow all included safety precautions and guidelines and avoid any physical contact between yourself or other individuals and the liquid product.

You should also avoid exposing the product to drain fixtures, tubs, or sinks, as the powerful acid reaction can damage them. 

When used properly, this product is safe for PVC piping, ABS piping, cast iron plumbing, septic tanks, and drain fields. Regular use in drains as preventative maintenance procedure can even keep your tubs and sinks clean and free flowing if your system is prone to blockages.

Remember, when you have a stuck drain and you need it open in a hurry, just visit your local Godwin today! We offer high quality products, affordable prices, and experienced team members ready to serve you. 

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