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Clear Your Plumbing Naturally With Bio Clean

July 22, 2019

Along with your home’s foundation, roofing, and wiring, your plumbing is a household system that you rely on constantly but rarely think about—until something goes wrong. And when a drain starts to back up or drains more and more slowly, off-the-shelf DIY solutions are a quick and affordable option to try.

But will that drain cleaner actually fix the problem? Or is it just a momentary quick fix that leaves you open to bigger and more expensive problems down the road? 

Well, here at your local Grand Rapids Godwin store, we are proud to offer an exciting home plumbing product with a lot more to offer than you might expect: Bio-Clean. 

A Different Kind of Drain Cleaner

Off-the-shelf chemical clog treatments are designed to burn a hole through the biological matter that builds up on the sides of your plumbing, allowing water to once again run through. The problem is that these drain cleaners only make a small opening and don’t actually remove the buildup, which means that blockages will reoccur increasingly often until the pipes are actually cleaned out.

Bio-Clean is different. Instead of using harsh, corrosive, or acidic chemicals, Bio-Clean is made up of a blend of naturally occurring, cultivated bacteria and enzymes that have been selected to do one thing: rapidly eat away all the waste coating your pipes.

How Does It Work?

Each 2 lb. container of Bio-Clean has about 100 treatments inside. Simply add the recommended amount of powder to your problem areas including sinks, toilets, showers, drains, and more. The moisture activates the bacteria and they begin multiplying and eating into the waste that blocks the drain, digesting it and breaking up the solid material. 

Depending on the severity of your buildup, it may take days or weeks for the treatment to fully clear the problem, and your plumbing might experience a few more minor blockages as the layers are cleared away. But during that time and long after, the friendly Bio-Clean bacteria will be slowly and steadily spreading throughout your plumbing system, eating, multiplying, and working hard to keep your plumbing clear.

Bio-Clean Advantages

First, unlike chemical treatments, Bio-Clean is completely safe, non-toxic, and natural. It won’t attack or infect living people or animals and doesn’t cause any ill effects from exposure or ingestion.

Second, Bio-Clean actually solves the underlying problem behind blocked pipes and slow drains. Instead of punching a hole in your waste, the Bio-Clean bacteria will digest and remove it, converting it to harmless water, carbon dioxide, and microscopic mineral ash that all flows away.

Third, value. 100 drain treatments in a single 2 lb. container! That’s a remarkably affordable and powerful solution, and one we are proud to offer.

If you’re interested in trying Bio-Clean at your home or business, just visit your local Godwin today!

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