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This month I want to discuss the issue of water safety. Quite often I get people who come in for a water test only to ask, “Is this water safe to drink?”

The word ‘safe’ can mean different things to different people. More appropriately people should be concerned about the specific contaminants in their water. Some people may have certain dietary restrictions of salt for example. This can mean softened water without a reverse osmosis unit can be unsafe for one person while acceptable to another.

Another point of interest is that the majority of people get their water from one of two sources: the city or a well. For those that have city water, you should receive a Consumer Confidence Report annually (alternatively you can search HERE). This will give you a good amount of information about your local water, such as its source, likely contaminants, points of regulation and their Maximum Contaminant Limit. It is assumed that city water is safe for consumption. 

Alternatively, people may get their water from a well in their home. This requires the homeowner to be more proactive in maintaining their water conditions. The biggest problems to be faced typically are bacteria (E. Coli, L. Pneumophilia etc.) and nitrites/nitrates. Bacteria can cause severe illnesses whereas nitrates and nitrites can cause heart issues and oxygen delivery problems. To learn more about common contaminants click HERE.

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