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 The fuel for your water softener

When hard water passes through regenerated resin, it is able to attract the hardness and release salt in its place. This means, in a sense, salt is the fuel for your softener. Knowing this, you’re going to want a high quality and high purity salt to keep your system clean.

Sometimes people experience salt bridging, which when the salt has dissolved and solidified into a large mass which cannot reach the bottom of the brine tank where the brine is made. Without brine, your softener cannot properly regenerate. Bridging is commonly a result of excess humidity in or around the brine tank. The best way to deal with bridging is to use good old brute force with a tool of some kind. Sometimes warm water can help make the job easier.

Primarily there are two kinds of salt used for water softeners. The most common is Sodium Chloride, whereas the other is Potassium Chloride (KCL). KCL has some benefits over Sodium Chloride. KCL administers potassium into the water as opposed to sodium which is beneficial for those with dietary sodium restrictions.  KCL can also reduce chloride discharge. The biggest downside to KCL is the cost.

Sometimes there will be additives in the salt to help promote the cleaning of iron from your resin bed. Over time, this iron can reduce the softening potential of the unit. These additives help keep your resin clean and at their most efficient.

There is a lot of talk in the industry lately about salt-free water softeners. These are not true softeners in the fact that most will keep the minerals in the water, free to create soap scum and cause other undesirable effects. For now, salt-regenerated softeners are the industry standard.

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