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 godwin's a/c replacement estimates

At Godwin Heating & Cooling we believe that honesty is the best heating & cooling policy and that is reflected in our in home replacement estimates that we provide to customers at no charge! You may ask why can’t we just give you a price on your replacement over the phone, well, we care enough that we want to make sure what is installed is the best fit for your home and the best option for you. 

When it comes to air conditioning sizing is everything. Bigger is not necessarily better and it is not better to keep your system a little undersized for your home. It needs to be the perfect size for the square footage of your home. When we come to your home we take this into account and are able to pick the correct size for you home and give you an accurate pricing based on that.

Do you think air conditioning our homes here in Grand Rapids would have different sizing requirements than other areas and climates in our country? Well, lets compare for instance if we lived in Arizona or Las Vegas. These areas get extremely hot but they have very little humidity. Now in West Michigan, we have humidity and we also have some temperatures very hot and humid. The result is we need our air conditioning units to battle both humidity and temperature. If our air conditioners are too big or oversized they satisfy the temperature requirement we have set on the thermostat to quickly. This example does an OK job with temperature but will do a poor job de-humidifying. Your air conditioner only dehumidifies your home when it is running. To make your home comfortable you need to correct both issues, temperature and humidity. 

So how do we do that? We are glad you asked. That brings us back to the question, "Why do you have to come to my house to give me a quote for installing a new ac”? When you have Godwin set an appointment to show your air conditioning options we do a thorough job of taking a whole house approach.

We start with visually inspecting the furnace, the ductwork system, the electrical system. We complete a load analysis that will show us what your home requires to be comfortable in our climate correcting heat & humidity issues. This process is called a Manual J Heat Loss & Heat Gain. It is also what our industry experts recommend and being the required process to accurately size your cooling & heating equipment. This is so important that research companies recommend you only buy from reputable contractors that complete this process for you and never just used square footage or any other outdated rule of thumb calculations. 

So what does it take to do this Manual J Load Test for you? 

We measure your home, windows and doors. Next, we note the age, insulation factors and condition of your home into account. We also take into consideration the direction that your home sits. Wouldn't you agree that if your home has windows facing south and/or west that the AC has to run more to make up for the solar gain we get from the sun beating on the windows all afternoon through the evening? Well, if you have experienced this in your home you know exactly what we are talking about. 

How does your furnace play a part in a A/C replacement?

We look at your furnace because your furnace blower is what provides the velocity of airflow to cool your home. The capacity of your furnace blower has to be sized accurately with the A/C system to work correctly. The ductwork is the same issue. It is not uncommon for the A/C requirements to need larger ductwork that what some homes have. Remember when they built homes without A/C? If your home was built and did not originally have A/C it was very common for the ductwork to be sized to heat but not to cool.

For the most part it is very easy to heat a home. It is more difficult to cool a home. Cold air is dense and heavy and the requirements are different than the heating requirements. Many 2 story homes do not have enough ductwork capacity to cool comfortably. These are all issues that require attention in being satisfied with a professional A/C installation. 

So when you are ready for an new air conditioner come see us at Godwin. We don’t take short cuts. We don’t cut corners. We will do the work upfront to show you what your home needs. We will show you options to fit your budget. And you'll never get the high pressure we hear others complain about. If you want it done right at a price you can afford, “Godwin’s Got It”.

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