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the saberdrive screw


Saberdrive, the ultimate quality star drive screw, features the following:

-          Star drive for reduced camout

-          Unique serrated thread for secure fastening

-          Type 17 – point eliminates the need for pre-drilling and reduces wood splitting

-          Screws are case hardened

-          Available in both interior and exterior use screws

-          Convenient package quantities for any project

-          Consumer recognized brand name

The Saberdrive brand now also includes a fully-specced construction lag, ledger board, and timber screw offering for your structural project.  Available in Tan and Green, these screws are tough, require no pre-drilling, and truly add to the Saberdrive brand.

Godwin Hardware, in Grand Rapids, carries the Saberdrive screw for both interior and exterior use. Godwin also carries many more of Midwest Fasteners products for all your hardware projects!

Learn more about the Saberdrive screw in the following video...



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