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After everyone is finished eating dinner, it’s time to clean up! This means scraping the plates in the garbage disposal and cramming as much food down the drain as possible because who wants to deal with the extra step of scraping it into the trash can? While this way may be the fastest, it could cause sink back ups and future problems! See our list of foods to avoid putting down your disposal.


Here are a list of the worst foods to put down your garbage disposal:

  1. Oils, Fats, Grease - These adheer to the pipes over time and will eventually cause back ups. We do not recommend putting any type of oil down any plumbing lines. 
  2. Stringy or starchy foods - This includes celery, meat skins, and potatoes.
  3. Potatoes and carrot peelings should be placed in your garbage instead of putting them through the disposal. An excess of peels will create a thick paste and can build up on the blades severely limiting the use of the appliance. If the potatoes and carrot peal paste happens to make it past the garbage disposal it can act like cholesterol in your waste piping system. It will eventually close off the piping and you’ll end up with a waste back-up.
  4. Pasta - this is by far one of the worst things for your garbage disposal. The pasta adheres to the blades and can cause back ups quickly.
  5. Rice - like pasta, sticks to the blades and will cause your sink of clog.
  6. Egg Shells - the bits of the shells often remain in the pipes and can ultimately cause a back up.
  7. Coffee Grounds - in excess, coffee grounds also acts like pasta or rice and will stick to the garbage disposal blades. 
  8. Fruit Pits - any fruit that has a hard seed should not be thrown in your disposal. 

Also, do not wait until your disposal looks full to turn it on. Every so often, turn in on for a few seconds to clear it out. 


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