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Another happy customer 

We love customer feedback! We appreciate when our customers take the time to tell us how we are doing. We strive to always put our customers first and to always exceed their expectations. 

See what Jeff has to say about Godwin!

"I wanted to reach out to you to express my appreciation for all that your company does for me and our company. 

Aside from great service our company gets from Godwin and the wonderful relationship we have developed over the many years we have worked together, occasionally I personally need your services at my house.

Last Monday, I got the call from home that there was no hot water at my house. After being unable to figure it out on my own, I called after hours service and left a message to call me. Al, called me early Tuesday morning and we scheduled a service call for mid-day Wednesday. Later that morning I noticed the hot water was working again and so I called Matt, who knows my boiler system betting than anyone and he suggested canceling my service call. Hard to fix if it's working!


I got home that night to a cold non-working expansion tank again! I called Matt up again to share that my tank was down once again. He worked to get Russ out their yet that day and we struggled to figure out exactly what was going on with the thing! Russ said Matt would call me with options and left.

After discussing options, we decided to invest in a new stainless steel heat exchanger model that would work well with the new high efficient boiler models that are now available. Matt found a tank but didn't think he could get it installed, since Russ had Friday off for a nice long Holiday weekend! We accepted the fact that we were all going to have no hot water for the Christmas weekend, which was going to be a real challenge with all the family coming over. 

Then our Christmas miracle!

Matt texted me back and said he lovingly asked Russ if he would be willing to come first thing Friday morning and install our heater. I could not believe it! First thing, Friday morning my wife said two other men came as well and helped Russ get the old one out and the new one in place. 

I just wanted to share with you how a small group of your team members stepped up and made our Christmas even more enjoyable You ave a large group of individuals that work for you and you can't possible know what everyone is doing each day. But I wanted you to know about this unselfish act of kindness that those men did for me and my family!               Jeff D.


We are so thankful for all our employees here at Godwin and the great work they do each day! This customer feedback is a small example of the work they do everyday.




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