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Plumbing emergency service

Here at Godwin we have 24-hour plumbing emergency service available for you! You can call our main line at any time of the day or night and we will be ready to help you address your plumbing emergency. We are Grand Rapid's plumbing emergency service go to!

If you do call our main line after hours you will be directed to our after hours call center and than contacted by our on call plumber. He will talk to you about your plumbing emergency and help you troubleshoot the issue. We always try to help you solve the problem on your own first to help save you an after hours call. If the issue can't be resolved our licensed plumber will head to your home and fix your plumbing emergency. 

Give Godwin a call for all your plumbing emergencies and let our experts take care of your problem. We are West Michigan's most trusted plumbing experts day or night always providing you with excellent plumbing service!


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