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Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a room, a piece of furniture or even the exterior of your home.Not sure what products you need or what paint finish to choose? Learn what paint finishes are available and what is best for your project. Also, shop Godwin Hardware's paint sale September 9 &10 and get BUY 2, GET 1 FREE on all paint gallons. 


Flat - a non-reflective appearance that helps hide blemishes and makes walls appear smooth. Flat paint is more ideal for adult bedrooms, dining rooms, formal living rooms and ceilings.


Satin - a slight glossy finish that creates a richer look. This paint is best for high traffic areas as it will “hide” more blemishes (finger prints, scuffs, etc.) Satin paint is best for halls, woodwork, children’s rooms and family rooms.


Semi-Gloss - a lustrous finish that is more durable than flat and satin paints. This finish is perfect for areas of high traffic or that will get cleaned frequently. Best for kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, closet doors and trim. 


Gloss - This paint also has a lustrous and durable finish and is great for areas you want to highlight. Gloss paint is ideal for wood trim, cabinets, doors and furniture.


Eg-Shel- This paint is great for walls with a slight shine and cleans up well. 


Pearl - a more subtle glossy finish. This paint is between an eggshell and semi gloss finish. This paint is great for furniture and trim. 


Flat-Enamel - A nonreflective appearance that helps conceal imperections - with some washability. 


Low-Lustre - this paint provides a smooth and subtle sheen while also being durable and easy to clean. 


Medium-Lustre - this paint has a higher gloss finish that is perfect for windows and doors. 



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