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How much should I dial back my thermostat in the summer and will this save me money? 


Be careful here. During extremely hot temperatures dialing back your thermostat could cost you more than letting the ac unit do its job. Remember we are battling both heat and humidity. When we turn off our ac or set it back several degrees thinking we will save some money the ac has to work very hard and long to get the humidity and the temperature  down again. If you want to make that change on your thermostat only change it  2-3 degrees. A properly tuned up, maintained ac will cost less to run than to turn on and off several times

Why do I get ice on my A/C unit? 


Ice is the result of not allowing the transfer of heat across the coils. This usually is the result of a low charge in the refrigerant. It can also be the result of lack of airflow meaning a dirty or plugged up filter. These are both good reasons so many people use Godwin for annual maintenance. The best thing you can do for your A/C system is make sure to keep your filter clean. Look at it often and install a new one every time it is dirty. You would be surprised how well your A/C can work when you let it breath through a clean filter. Imagine a marathon runner that was only aloud to breathe through a straw. They would not last long. Don’t do that to your A/C, allow it to breath proper so it can run correctly.


Can I close areas off in my home that I don’t use in? 


Your A/C system is designed and sized to work with the whole house duct system. If you close areas down you just might restrict to much air and that can be a big problem. If we do not move enough air across the coil it could lead to a frozen coil and frozen coils cannot cool your home.

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