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keeping it cool upstairs

Do you have a two story home and looking for ways to keep it cool in these hot humid temperatures?

Well you have options. First try to set your thermostat fan position to on. This will use your furnace blower and ductwork system as a whole house fan. The A/C will still cycle on & off but the blower stays on even when the A/C outside turns off. The cold coil portion of your A/C system stays cold for several minutes after the unit turns off outside resulting in a loss of efficiency and comfort. By keeping the fan on you will maximize the cold air you are seeking. This will also help upstairs by continuing to circulate the air pulling the warm air out of the upstairs and mixing the cool air from the main floor and finished basement sending that cool air upstairs. Sometimes the upstairs return air grilles call be moved higher in the wall to pull the stagnated hot air off the ceiling. This in itself will usually reduce the temperature by 3-5 degrees.

Another option is a separate cooling system just for the upstairs. Call our Heating & Cooling department today for more information on options for you home. 


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