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Water testing 

From our Water Treatment Department: 

With the Flint water crisis, there has been a heightened awareness of water and its quality. Many people have concerns about what they may be drinking in their homes, schools, business, etc.

Customers, as well as employees, have inquired what exactly we can test for and are there costs involved. Everything that may be in water needs to be tested separately- there is no blanket test to see what’s in my water or if it is safe.

We test for FREE the basic elements that are in water and all that apply towards the utility of water - such as softening the water or removing iron, smell, etc. 

(Hardness ; Iron; Total Dissolved Solids; pH; Tannins; Hydrogen Sulfide; Chlorine)

When it applies to the quality of water for drinking and health concerns we use a few different labs to do the testing. It is important that the tests are done by a certified EPA lab. We presently use Prein & Newhof; Kent County Health Department; and National Testing Laboratories. Here are some basic costs associated with tests:

 Coliform Bacteria $35

Lead $35

Arsenic $27

Volatile Organics $110

Corrosively $50 (Calcium, pH, Alkalinity, TDS, Temperature)

Mortgage $50 (Coliform, Nitrate-N)

Water Check $280 (Bacteria, Pesticides, Herbicides, THM's & VOC's, Heavy Metals) 

Complete Metals $250 (Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Thallium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead)                                                      

It usually takes about a week to get results back from a test. To get your water tested contact our water treatment department today!

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