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a/c check-up checklist

Wondering what we do at every A/C Check-up service call?

Well here’s our check list!


•Check thermostat operation, batteries and program

•General equipment visual safety inspection

•Check evaporator coil for cleanliness

•Inspect blower motor/amps/bearings

•Test blower capacitor

•Inspect high and low voltage wiring

•Check fuse rating and temperature

•Test safety controls

•Clean condensate drain

•Treat drain (total tabs/bleach)

•Perform general equipment cleaning



•General safety inspection

•Level condenser

•Clean condenser coils (water/solution)

•Inspect high-voltage contactor

•Test dual capacitor

•Compressor mega ohm test

•High-voltage disconnect and fuse

•Inspect fan motor-amps/bearings

•Test 5-2-1 compressor saver

•Compressor start amps

•Compressor run amps

•Inspect high/low voltage wiring

•Reset thermostat to original set point

All these steps are taken to find small problems before they become big problems. Avoid having your A/C break down this summer by having an A/C check up performed now!

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