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picking paint applicators

Painting is a great way to freshen and clean up the look of a space. We see homeowners putting a lot of effort into the upfront work of a painting job: Spending hours, days and even weeks searching Pinterest and color chip racks trying to find the right mix of hues. Using technology like Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer (on smartphones and tablets) to see what colors will actually look like in rooms. Then choosing the right paint for the job—asking friends and family about their experiences, checking online product reviews, looking up what professional testers think of a brand and asking trusted sales people for their opinions.  


After all that time and effort, homeowners too often fail to consider the importance of the paint applicator. Godwin Hardware suggests putting the same effort into picking out the right brushes, rollers and pads as you did choosing a paint brand. You can ask friends and family, read online reviews and check what professional testers have to say about what works for them. Online technologies like Purdy's tool selector and the Wooster brush and roller finder are also great resources.

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