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With ice and snow in the forecast now is a good time to brush up on types of ice melts

Sodium Chloride or rock salt is one of the cheapest ice melts available but it is not safe for pets or vegetation. Rock salt can be damaging to concrete sidewalks and driveway and is easily tracked indoors. Another drawback to rock salt is that it is only effective to about 20 deg.  If you are looking for a product that can melt a lower temperature, is safer for pets, vegetation, and sidewalks without breaking the bank then a blended ice melt is the product you need. Normally the blended ice melts has some Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride as a main ingredient with Sodium Chloride used as filler keeping costs down. If the temperature drops low enough or you need to melt ice quickly then we recommend using Peladow it is a Calcium Chloride product just perfect for that kind of job and is safe for pets and vegetation.   

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